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Our scrunchies are made of 100% OEKO-TEX silk. They will prevent your hair from breaking while letting it breathe. As a result, they can be worn during the day or at night time.

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Chouchou Cloud - CrèmeChouchou Cloud - Crème
Chouchou Cloud - Crème Sale price€22,00
Chouchou Cloud - Sweet PinkChouchou Cloud - Sweet Pink
Chouchou Cloud - Sweet Pink Sale price€22,00
Chouchou Rosebud - Baby BlueChouchou Rosebud - Baby Blue
Chouchou Rosebud - Baby Blue Sale price€25,00
Chouchou Soft Touch - Pink VelvetChouchou Soft Touch - Pink Velvet
NEWChouchou Fleur - RougeChouchou Fleur - Rouge
Chouchou Fleur - Rouge Sale price€25,00
NEWChouchou Cloud - PlumChouchou Cloud - Plum
Chouchou Cloud - Plum Sale price€22,00
NEWChouchou Cloud - PistachioChouchou Cloud - Pistachio
Chouchou Cloud - Pistachio Sale price€22,00
NEWChouchou Cloud - Baby PinkChouchou Cloud - Baby Pink
Chouchou Cloud - Baby Pink Sale price€22,00
NEWSet Chouchous Fleur - Sweet LagoonSet Chouchous Fleur - Sweet Lagoon
NEWSet Chouchous Fleur - TropicsSet Chouchous Fleur - Tropics
NEWSet Chouchous Fleur - Pastel PinkSet Chouchous Fleur - Pastel Pink
NEWSet Chouchous Fleur - ChampagneSet Chouchous Fleur - Champagne